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A quick look into the past,
today and tomorrow

Film and theater director. 

Coming from drama, stage and music,

going into the world of moving pictures.

Rock n roll, punk rock, classic and jazz 

Cacophony and castles in the air

Road movies and comic dramas.

Capturing the UNTAMED - don't yell at me! - 

to release it. To escape the Dadaist rattle of the world, as it were feeding it,

Drawing images that are not yet

and breaches the possibilities

a dreaming of the world through cinematic brutality

to wrestle the snip.

It is important to raise poetry to the status of a world language.

So that in the future all better misunderstand.

Peace is always the mission.

Bringing the unattainable within reach

and to go dancing

with the universe.




What I can / want to say about myself

Make films, make theatre, make music. And that makes me.


There is no way to peace, because peace is the way. There is joy in fighting, in risking, in suffering, not in winning. There are more important things in life than constantly increasing its speed. (Gandhi)



Try again, try better...

Coming from the music. Always this dream to be the singer and guitarist of a band and to play the own songs on the stages of this world. Did that too. Then there was this captivating experience in the theater, that ordered me to the boards that mean the world. Then I studied acting in Leipzig at the Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Academy of Music and Theater. Was then in the theaters on the road. At some point, development of my own film material out of the dream. In 2016 I directed the experimental film "Welcome to the Club of lost Souls". Then in 2017 I receive an art grant from the Kunststiftung Sachsen-Anhalt for my first short feature film. Out of this comes "Jehn & John" (30min.) in 2018.

Parallel first own directing works at the theater. The ship of fools and other misdeeds. Since then, again and again theater directing with young people who bring stories from all countries that need to be told. In Germany, in Switzerland. Also still acting on stage and in front of the camera - this path is also still being followed. But now full focus on filmmaking. 

Will continue to travel and work worldwide.


In January 2023 then another short film about a woman at the front and the possibility of perishing, because there are other things in life.

Now already shot another film in the spring, which is currently in editing under the title "Garder le Moral" (AT). With eight actors who, as the hospital staff of an insolvent private clinic, face the speculative events by means of a mad idea. Premiere with an estimated 25 minutes probably in autumn.


Further material is in treatment.

I write this myself. Alone or collectively.

More tomorrow. Must continue train ride now.

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